Where to Put Stickers

Where to put stickers? Well, on your nails!

Where to Put Stickers -- Nail Wraps
Where to Put Stickers

This $4 purchase on Etsy has provided me with unexpected entertainment over the past few days. It also made the holiday even more festive. A mini celebration at our fingertips.

Where to Put Stickers -- On Nails!

I was surprised how easy these nail stickers are to apply. The day after my nails dried, I used a pointy tweezer to lift the stickers from the page and affix them to my nails. I didn’t even seal them with a top coat, and they made it through a few days of alcohol wipes, dishes, cooking, and Purell.

That said, the next time around, I sealed them with a coat of Seche Vite — the result was a manicure that lasted almost two weeks without a single chip. An added bonus of the stickers is that they keep your polish in tact.

Here are my winter/holiday theme choices:

Nail Stickers
Where to put stickers — on your nails!

So festive! And there are hundreds of different choices.

I estimate that I’ve saved about $1800 by doing my nails myself throughout the pandemic. I just did the math and gasped a little at the savings. There was indeed something special about my weekly manicure on 68th Street followed by a cupcake. But that was a different time. And now is sweet in a different way.

Did you use nail stickers? Do you have a sticker collection otherwise? I’d love to hear from you!

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Say some things.

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