What’s That Thing on the Car?


Do you have an object on top of your car? Or something hanging off the back?

Since moving upstate, I have been captivated by the phenomenon of things hanging from cars. I estimate that for every ten vehicles we pass, four of them have things hanging from them.

Have a look. I’ll start simple and end with the most complex.

Simple Racks

Simple Vertical Back Hatch

Simple Vertical Hitch Rack on Car

Simple Top Double

Simple Double Racks -

Simple Top Ski Type

Oblong Compartments

Simple Oblong

Oblong Compartment Car Storage

Oblong with Bumper Stickers

Oblong Car Storage Compartment with Bumper Stickers

Assorted Top Storage

Duffel Bag Top

Duffel Bag Top Storage

Top Stroller with Various

Top Stroller Car Storage


Organized Back Multi

Organized Multi Back Bike Rack on Car

Haphazard Back Multi

Haphazard Back Multi with Oblong

Multi Back with Oblong Car Compartment

Haphazard Multi with Top Storage and Rug

Haphazard Multi Bikewith Top Storage and Rug


Single Kayak with Straps

Single Kayak with Straps on C

Single Kayak on Rack

Kayak on Rack

Double Kayak

Two Kayaks on Top of Blue Car

Tour de Force — The Grand Finale

Multi Back with Duplex Upright Top

Multi Back Bike Rack with Two Upright Multi

If you’ve been around my blog for a while (thank you!), you might know I have a thing for things hanging from cars. In fact, I can’t get enough of them.

I want to be someone with something hanging from my car.

The oblong compartment seems to make the most sense. But what do you put in it? And should I get one if I haven’t yet identified the contents that necessitates such a contraption?

Things Hanging from Cars in City

Finally, it’s become a Some Small Things cliche to compare the city life to the country life. Sorry. 🙂 Here comes another.

In Manhattan, my life revolved around parking. Once you got a spot, you only took the car out if you really, really had to. And when you got to the car, you’d invariably notice yet another ding on the bumper from the person who backed into it while parking their car. The first five or so hurt; each subsequent ding a little less until you flat out gave up.

It was nearly 2017 when I discovered the Bumper Badger. A long piece of rubber that velcroed to the trunk and hung over the bumper. Each day I diligently took out the Badger before parking. My bumper was like new when I returned the car to the dealership.

But one day, I saw this. And it so made me smile.

Maybe this person hadn’t yet discovered Bumper Badger. But I know that desperation. All too well.

So back to where I started: Do you have something hanging from your car? Please tell me all about it. And if you have an oblong, what do you put in it?

Say some things.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post on car rack storage, you might like this one about small things to do at The Cloisters where I prove that my parallel parking skills are still in full effect.

And by the way, need a tote bag?

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  1. I have what you would call an Organized Back Multi for bikes. I have a Yakima Full Back bike rack, and I can take it on and off with ease. I bought it when I fell in love with biking and it allows me to go further and bike in new places! I love it.

    I don’t do any water sports or ski, or even travel far to need a car top box, but they are fun to see! I used to help people but them at my job, but then I switched departments. Cars are so versatile.

    1. Love this! Yes, I did make up my own designations! I had to give up my bike because the garage in our apartment complex was leaking rust on my car. After that, I had nowhere to store it. I wondered if this was my big moment to get a rack for my car but ultimately had to give my bike away. I love that you have an organized multi!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Have a great day. 🙂

  2. I had a good chuckle at your naming! I don’t have anything hanging from the back of my car.
    I am a little bummed no recordings of truck nuts spotting was included. I guess growing up in rednecksville, I am used to those being a more common sighting xD

    1. Either do I! But I want something so badly.

      I don’t know about this truck thing! … And I just looked it up … oh my! I will be on the lookout. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  3. What a fun post. We don’t have an oblong (we call them “Thules” because Thule is often the brand name you find on them) but I think people often put camping gear in them.

    1. Thank you! So interesting. Yes, I see that’s the brand name, but I never knew they were referred to as Thules. This is good information. 🙂

Say some things.