Wearing Perfume at Home

I am fully immersed in the five drops of dark rum perfume oil I have applied in preparation for writing this afternoon. Wearing perfume at home has never waned throughout this period of isolation.

I may have foregone my feathery scarves and fascinator hats for a rotation of monochrome “loungewear” and hiking shoes, but I continue to adorn myself with my best perfumes, despite having nowhere to go.

I apply extra when sitting down to write. Or work. Or do anything quiet and still. Sometimes I keep the bottle next to me in case I want more.

Wearing perfume at home is indulgent and luxurious; it’s decoration not for others but for you.

My favorites:

Malin + Goetz, Dark Rum Perfume Oil (Intense gourmand)

Takashima, Fiancée (Fruity, light)

Glossier, You (Peppery pencil shavings)

Trish McEvoy, No. 9 (Spicy musky fruit)

Joya with Putnam & Putnam, Amnesia Candle (In 2019, I passed by a hotel on 28th Street in Manhattan and was overtaken by the scent spilling out on to the sidewalk. I walked into the hotel to ask, and they showed me this candle.)

Wearing Perfume at Home

What are you favorite perfumes to wear at home?

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  1. You writing nook looks pretty danged amazing! I’m loving it. And yeah, it really is nice to look smart at home even if no one sees it. Thanks for sharing!

Say some things.