Waving Hello on the Trail

Yesterday, one jeep and two motorcycles waved hello as they passed us on a road near the Appalachian Trail.

I was over the moon.

You can see here below. I watch intently as the first vehicle approaches (as I babble on narrating the scene), and then do my hiking wave like a natural.

Waving Hello on the Trail
Waving hello on the trail

It’s a quick wave. No side to side wiggle. No exaggerated motion. Just up then down.

And I love it.

Everywhere else I don’t. Like in the hallway of an NYC co-op. But on the trail, it feels really good. Like an acknowledgment. Like we are doing our thing and you are doing your thing but it’s the same thing and we’re in the same place and you are hiking and we are hiking and hey. Hey. Hi.


What’s your thoughts about waving on the trail? Reply below!

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  1. This reminds me of hiking in Argentina. Everyone we passed politely said buenos dias to us, even little kids. Loved it! And of course said it back. At home in Finland, no one ever says hi or waves to another hiker – how boring!

    1. I love this! Yes, I find that there are so many unspoken trail customs that vary from place to place. I really feel accepted when the park rangers wave. 🙂

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