Unique Gifts for Father’s Day

Looking for some unique gifts for Father’s Day? Below are a few ideas I’ve used over the years.

But first, let’s talk apostrophes.

Is it Father’s Day or Fathers Day or Fathers’ Day?

The general consensus — it’s Father’s Day.

There’s actually a decent argument for Fathers Day without the apostrophe. That’s because Veterans Day is Veterans Day and not Veterans’ Day. This surprises me, as I erroneously believed that the day is possessed — it belongs to the veterans. Rather, the day is for veterans and not belonging to veterans. So, it follows that Fathers Day could be correct, as uncomfortable as it looks without the apostrophe.

As for Fathers’ Day, that would be my vote. There are many fathers, and this is their day. Hence, let’s place the apostrophe after the “s.” According to this article, Father’s Day did start out plural possessive, but then “marketing” changed it to make it match Mother’s Day.

As it turns out, Mother’s Day was intentionally designed to be singular possessive in order for families to honor their mother — rather than a day to celebrate all mothers. I guess. But when Sonora Dodd, the founder of Father’s Day, first petitioned Congress to establish a national holiday in the 1910s (which ultimately wouldn’t happen until the 1970s), she did include the apostrophe after the “s,” which I appreciate.

In any event, the gifts:

A Plant Subscription

It’s a pricy one, but Horti offers a beautiful six-month plant subscription. One plant per month for six months gets sent to the recipient. The plants are mostly small, but mine have thrived under my father’s care. You can select the pot design, and there’s a pet-friendly plant option. Here’s what a few of mine look like:

Here’s a cheaper version from Walmart. But I can’t vouch for it. And here’s a succulent and air plant subscription from Succulents Box.

A Portable Hammock

There is nothing quite like the peace of dangling suspended in a hammock under the trees.

That’s us grilling during the worst of Covid. Now we mask outdoors for other reasons. Sigh.

Vegetable Seeds

I remember as a kid looking at the circular wire rack with all of the seed packets — in the hardware store, I believe. But now they’re all online at Burpee. I found a 30% off code this morning (30SAVE623) that worked, but it canceled out my free shipping that was $16. But still. Burpee also has a ton of seed supplies and such.

A Discounted Power Tool

Check out Offer Up or eBay for a new or gently used power tool — why pay full price? I’ve started to learn about power tools ever since I’ve been selling on eBay, and I have one in my store right now — it’s called a pneumatic air grinder. I’m not sure what it does, but other people seem to. It looks like this:

A Collectible on AuctionNinja

AuctionNinja is my new favorite site. It’s a compilation of online auctions where you can bid on everything found at a moving or estate sale, from the practical to the collectible. I have gotten beautiful art for an insane price along with items to sell in my eBay store. There’s also the thrill associated with bidding, and I enjoy driving to the various estates to pick up my winnings. This weekend, I bought a signed lithograph for myself and a vintage typewriter for my store.

Whatever you buy, please tell me you’re using Rakuten (<- affiliate link) or Honey (<- affiliate link) or both for cash back and coupling them with Paypal rewards. Rakuten is offering a $30 bonus for signing up after a $30 purchase, but I’m starting to think that Honey is the better site. I love the browser extension and the demure way it slides its way into the screen while I’m shopping. And the rewards are generally higher than Rakuten these days.

Thanks for reading! What are you getting your father for Father’s Day? Thoughts on the spelling? Honey or Rakuten?

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  1. We have a hammock just like that! It’s really heavy and takes some doing to put up, but once it’s up, it stays up for the rest of the summer. (On that note, I should probably get it out now that it’s June.)
    I’m with you on the ‘s. Looks strange to me without.

Say some things.