The Sound of Snow Crunching

I know a place where the snow is virtually untouched.

Snow Covered Homestead - Sound of Snow Crunching

We headed there this weekend after driving through the Rockefeller Preserve parking lots–both full.

Why go elsewhere when this silent homestead welcomes us to stroll its grounds, no questions asked?

We galloped, jumped, scuffed, crunched, and plowed our way through the fields to the frozen lake.

Snow and Frozen Lake with Bench

A dog approached me at full speed, barking excitedly. A few times. Other than he and his human, we were the only folks in the park.

Here is the sound of snow crunching.

Sound of Snow Crunching

On our way back from the lake, I saw these curiously large footprints. I dreamed it was Bigfoot, but it was probably just snowshoes. They were some big strides, though.

Footprints in Snow
Curiously Large Footprints in Snow (see my small print for scale)

Speaking of which, I sometimes fantasize about purchasing snowshoes and poles and other such winter gear and storing them in one of those oblong compartments you attach to the top of the car.

Getting back to the story. After being hit with a few snowballs, we got back in the car and warmed our hands with the car heater. I thought about hot chocolate. And then we drove home.

Today, it rained.

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    1. Yes, it’s just so peaceful. Winter rain, however, is a whole other matter! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment.

  1. The idea of untouched snow really makes me feel nostalgic to my growing up in Minnesota. I miss having winters where the snow sticks and looks flawless. But like you, I am in New York where it often gets washed away by rain. I was lucky enough to buy brand new snowshoes this summer at a garage sale ($15, total steal) but I haven’t gotten a chance to use them yet.

    1. Wow, $15 is great! I was looking at the ones from LL Bean, and they are pricy. I’m excited for you to use them! One of my goals this winter was to rent snowshoes at Clarence Fahnestock State Park (says you can do so by the hour — and knowing my activity level threshold, one hour will be just enough 🙂 ). I really hope it snows again! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Happy snowshoeing!

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