Stoking the Electric Fireplace

Every hour or so, I get up to stoke the electric fireplace.

Stoking the fireplace

This is because I have dreamed of a real fireplace for my entire life. And real fireplaces have to be stoked.

I stumbled upon the electric model when I was searching for a TV stand. One week later, the fire was warming our home.

A press of the remote alights the fire into five brightness settings. I prefer full flame, but come to think of it, I should slowly decrease the brightness before I get up to stoke.

You can choose heat or no heat, and you can select the temperature from 62F to 82F. The best part — the door opens. That’s because the designer knew that some of us would stoke the fire. The door serves no other function.

For full effect, I play a fireplace crackling sound on a bluetooth speaker and turn on the Pura, which is loaded with a pine scent. (Hearth, the fireplace scent, is on back-order. I hope it arrives by Christmas.) Sometimes I turn on a blizzard or a thunderstorm depending on my mood.

Izzy likes the fire, too. Considering his irrational fear of our new La-Z-Boy recliner, this wasn’t a given.

Tuxedo cat in front of electric fireplace
Izzy’s belly is shaved because of his recent ultrasound.

Now, please excuse me. I must tend to the fire.

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