Simple Summer Evenings

On a simple summer evening, we set up a new board game, Ticket to Ride, ready for competition. There is no company, no drinks or appetizers, no “game night,” just us, quietly assembling the pieces and devising our strategy.

The pieces are delightful: Little bright trains that line the railway routes we will soon compete for. Tiny cards that are impossible to shuffle. I resort to throwing them all over the board and ruffling them around in circles — just like I did as a kid.

Ticket to Ride Card Shuffling – Simple Summer Evenings

My nascent Ticket to Ride strategy is to collect cards — some from the face-up pile, and some from the face-down, so as not to show my hand. I line all of my routes at the end. I also play dirty and attempt a block. It feels a little bad.

While many have resumed a level of normal despite the circumstances, and others lament the loss as they continue to exercise caution, I must admit, I enjoy my simple summer evenings.

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