Simple, (Mostly) Silent Holiday Joys

A Peaceful Tree posted about simple holiday joys this week and suggested her readers do the same. Boomer Eco Crusader started this thread, and I love how it reached me by a few degrees of blogging separation.

Here are my three with a twist: silence.

1.Waking up to middle-of-the-night snow that wasn’t predicted, and watching it through the window in silence.

Snow that wasn't predicted

There was no snow in the forecast. My cat, Isidore, woke me up for his nightly 3am feeding, and a one-eyed peek outside my bedroom window revealed this surprise. Even before I saw the flakes, the silence and peace were unmistakable: snow was here.

2. Walking into the Christmas-tree lit living room in fair isle sock feet at 3am.

Lit Christmas tree in living room

Around the corner from the kitchen, the red light glowed from the little Christmas tree. After placing the food, I shuffled into the living room, the peace of the lit-up tree permeating the room. Isidore followed me. He plopped down with utter release, as he always does.

3.Listening to my cat purr as he rolled on the rug in front of the fake fireplace.

And then he purred. I rubbed his belly until he whacked me. Then we both went back to bed.

The Rules

  1. Write a blog post explaining three simple things that bring you holiday joy.
  2. Link back to the original post.
  3. Consider encouraging others to participate.

The writer I’d love to hear from:

Carmella Rayone. I’ve followed Carmella Rayone for at least five years now, since I was inspired by her design blog to paint my kitchen counter top with chalk paint. While I never ended up doing it, I did remodel my little NYC kitchen based on her inspirational designs (hers are much, much better than mine below, of course), and the best part: I did it all by myself. I painted my cabinets with artist brushes, cut and laid my own (self-adhesive) tile, and added embellishments, intentionally. The profound simplicity in her writing and design always moves me. The confidence to DIY projects was inspiring.

A piece of my little NYC kitchen

Happy holidays to all! Thanks for joining me here at Some Small Things since August. It’s just a little blog.

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    1. Thank you so much! And just the same to you. And thank you again for sharing the tag. I love the idea of writing prompts — there should be more of these!

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