Shop Some Small Things offers tote bags with simple designs. Lately, I’ve been working on some updates to the NYC Laments line, which expresses dismay about certain aspects of city living. I use my bags each week at the grocery store and then wash them in the machine. (More on that in my post about how to optimize grocery bagging.)

Here’s a reusable grocery bag expressing frustration about not finding a parking spot.

And here’s a laundry bag you can use to express disappointment about not having a washing machine.

My new line is called Accomplishment Totes; these celebrate our wins and can be customized. Personalized products make meaningful, thoughtful and sometimes witty gifts. I gave them to my family this year. Here’s a post on buying small, meaningful gifts.

Inspired by the post Walking Over the Tappan Zee Bridge:

Inspired by the post I Put Air in My Tires:

Thanks for shopping at Shop Some Small Things! Need a thoughtful gift? I’d love to make you a personalized tote bag celebrating a recent win. Reach out to me here for more info.