Road Tripping with a Monster

Road tripping with a Monster is a guilty pleasure. On each long drive, we stop by a gas station and sample a new flavor.

Monster Ultra Paradise energy drink - best Monster flavors
Monster Ultra Paradise

I had never tasted an energy drink before last year. Red Bull was intimidating.

But when my husband first brought back a Monster from the gas station, I decided to try. Its colorful can (minus the creepy M) enticed me.

Bubbly! Sweet! Crisp! I waited an hour or so to see if something bad would happen. Nothing did.

Monster became our road trip drink staple. These are my best Monster flavors, in order:

  1. Ultra Watermelon
  2. Zero Ultra (these names are so silly)
  3. Ultra Red
  4. Ultra Paradise (pictured above)
  5. Ultra Purple

Flavor I dislike? The Strawberry Lemonade. It’s flat. With Monster, the bubbles are a must.

After my foray into the energy drink world, I learned that Monster was embroiled in a bit of nauseating and bizarre controversy. Relieved to hear it wasn’t so.

What’s your best Monster flavor?

Say some things.

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  1. Maybe I’m boring but I only like original flavor, reminds me of smarties. The fruity flavors remind me of Jolly Ranchers which I’m not a fan of.

    I laughed at that controversy. I totally forgot about this but I remember in college people were like taurine = taurus = bull = semen. And me as a bio major was like uh I think taurine is an amino acid…

    Also if you want to look into other Monster related conspiracies google Monster promotes Satan.

    1. I can’t remember what the original one tastes like (but I love smarties), so I think I’ll get that one this weekend. Maybe I’ve never tried it at all.

      I just looked at the Satan thing with the 666. Oh my!

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

Say some things.