Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

When I was a pumpkin spice mocker, I was only hurting myself.

Two autumns ago, I made the decision to trade my jeers for an all-in stance on fall themed products.

Fall themed products

My house is filled with curious looking gourds, U-pick pumpkins, and farm stand vegetables. My sinks offer apple cider scented soaps, and my coffee is infused with a fall flavor — this month, maple. Our New York State Parks pin map sits atop our dresser, its trees ready to be pinned after weekend adventures.

I will roast delicata squash with artisan maple syrup from Hanover Hilltop Farm this Friday night, and then we will head out for a pre-dinner loop at Rockefeller State Preserve.


A pop philosopher, otherwise not my cup of tea, recently gave a podcast interview, where he expressed concern over the casual denigrat[ion] of social institutions. Well, what are you going to replace [them] with? he asked. Taken out of context, of course, but what’s the alternative to pumpkin spice and everything nice? Good luck filling that hole.

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