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What’s in the Mailbox?

Small Things to do in Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic, Connecticut came to mind one weekend while searching for a place to visit for the day. Having only heard of the town from the movie with the pizza, I landed on the locale with no other expectations. But here’s the thing. Since our post-Covid reentry into the world, I’ve been having trouble seeing small…

Small Treasures of 2022

A toast to another year of small treasures. Hear hear! Favorite Ironic Day Trip (Dia Beacon) Our intentions were un-ironic, but the trip took an unavoidable 180 when we entered the museum. Favorite Relief (Christmas Tree in Forest Still Stands) Three years ago, we happened upon a Christmas tree — a sole evergreen in an…

Favorite Small Things (Oct. and Nov. 2022)

There’s that quip about meditating for 30 minutes a day except for when you’re really busy — then you should meditate for one hour. It sounds good, but I seem never to be able to follow the advice. Hence, I’m combining two months of favorite small things into my first post in, well, two months.…

Add some small things to your day.