Hollyberry Hunting


It was me.

I bought up all the Hollyberry soap in the tri-state area.

Method Hollyberry Foaming Soap

But it wasn’t first without Hollyberry Hunting.

My beloved holiday soap wasn’t manufactured last year, so beginning about a month ago, I started searching.

First, I snagged its cousins Frosted Fir and Sugar and Spice on an inconspicuous corner shelf at Wegmans three weeks ago. The empty shelf with the “Method Hollyberry” label affixed to it was my first hope.

Next, I spotted it on target.com. The site noted “in stock” at the White Plains location but prophetically, would not allow for “pick-up in store” pre-purchase. After a 30-minute drive and a paid parking spot in one of those monstrous garages, the shelves were bare when I arrived. Defeated, I snapped a thumbs-down selfie and headed back to the car.

Hollyberry Hunting/Hollyberry Hunting/Hollyberry Hunting/Let’s Hope for the Best

Not too inventive, but it’s what I chant before each leg of the hunt.

The next morning, target.com was suddenly offering delivery, so I set the quantity to the maximum and then selected a year-long supply of toothpaste to avoid a shipping charge. Hollyberry Hunting was a success.

The soap came yesterday.

Method Hollyberry Soap from Target

The hunt was better. Seems to always be so.

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