Hanging Fruit on the Wall

Finally, I have something to show for my time watching Tiny House Hunting — I’ve learned how to hang fruit on the wall. Inspired by the designers’ efficient use of space, I took to our kitchen on a mission to clear the surfaces.

After a long search, I came across these wall baskets at Wayfair. They come in a set of three and look quite attractive hanging above the countertop holding all of our fruits.

Fruit on the Wall - how to hang baskets on wall
How to hang wall baskets for fruit

Best of all, they free up the countertop for cooking. Chopping an onion was a delight this morning because I didn’t have to shift around two huge fruit baskets.

I like Tiny Houses; I’ve become interested in efficiency in my old age. I just get frustrated with folks who reject a house solely because it has too many square feet to qualify as “tiny living.” I talk back to the TV and suggest they reconsider their ideology. Nonetheless, my fruit is now hanging on the wall.

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