Gluten Free Oreo Cookies

After the Gluten Free Oreo Cookies Incident of 2021, I never thought I’d eat an Oreo again.

But there they were last weekend, sitting on the shelf, looking all alluring and delectable. I couldn’t resist.

They went home with us.

In February 2021, just around this time last year, I heard the news that Nabisco had released a gluten free Oreo. Upon further investigation, I learned that the cookie I hadn’t eaten in a decade also came in the double stuf variety.

Off I was to the races.

The cookies were sold out in nearly ever locale.

I searched high and low — every site, every store — and finally located some at, coincidentally (or maybe not so much so), the same site I ultimately located my beloved Hollyberry soap. The catch was that you couldn’t purchase just one package. I had to buy multiple.

I debated buying a $15 package from price-gouging Amazon sellers seizing on Celiacs’ frenzy to rejoin a part of American society they so inexplicably craved. But ultimately, I accepted Target’s offer, full-well knowing what might happen.

Not unlike Hollyberry, the shipment arrived, and I unpacked it with fervor, examining the packages’ bold pronouncement that the cookies of my childhood were now gluten free.

Then it happened that night.

After dinner, I toted one of the packages to the couch and ate my first cookie. Then the next. And the next. And the next until I had eaten the entire package. In one sitting.

Fortunately, I didn’t go into shock.

I know I have the propensity to overdo just about everything. For sure. But I think it was more than just my ism. It was being part of the club again. Being invited to the lunch table. Getting asked to the party. It was as if Campbell’s had released a gluten free version of its chicken noodle soup. And it only slightly tasted of cardboard.

This year, I’m much more reasonable. Just to be safe, however, we keep the cookies on the top of the cabinet. Not the inside of the cabinet — the top of the wall mount. They are only accessible by climbing on a chair, and the most I have at a time is two.

Rationing Gluten Free Oreo Cookies
Rationing Gluten Free Oreo Cookies

Thanks for reading! Have you tried gluten free Oreos? More sensibly than I did? Do tell — comment box below!

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