Flower on Road Sign

This morning, I noticed that someone has affixed a flower to this road sign here on the Croton Aqueduct Trail. I suppose that’s quite a nice thing to do. I stopped to take a look to see if it were real; it wasn’t.

The first time I saw flowers hanging from signs was in Victoria Island, British Columbia. I thought it was the loveliest adornment. The baskets were on every corner.

Years ago, someone shared with me that she bedecked our neighborhood in happy stickers when she believed no one was looking. She’d start easy with signs like this one, but then challenge herself to more bold moves: say, affixing a sticker to a cash register while she was paying for her item. A cross between Amélie and a petty criminal. I started to see the stickers everywhere.

Flower on Road Sign

I wonder who’s at it in this neighborhood.

Good weekend to all.

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