Favorite Small Things: September & October 2023

My favorite small things from the start of fall.

Dog with Big Stick

Dog with Big Stick
Dog with Big Stick

Happy Face on Bank Receipt

I was about to leave the window when the teller said, “Wait for your happy face.”

I didn’t understand, so I asked, “Sorry?”

He handed me my receipt and with an earnestness I so admire said, “We put happy faces on all of the receipts.”


Inside of a Gatorade Water Cooler Smell

It was here. I love it when I smell this. I don’t know where the smell comes from, as there is no gatorade water cooler around.

OCA Trail where I smelled the inside of a water cooler

Upside App

My new favorite cash-back app. Upside’s specialty is cash back on gas, and in one month, I’ve almost hit $10. Not only does it give you a discount per gallon, it also shows you the various prices in the area. Just add your card, claim the gas station you want (can be immediately before), and then press “I’ve paid.” The cash goes into your account in around two days.

The best part — you can cash out to PayPal — no gift cards!

Upside app - save on gas

If you sign up, I’d be so appreciative if you used my link or promo code MBWY6. You’ll get an additional 20 cents back per gallon on your first time, and I’ll get $20 (then you can share as well!).

Using the Passenger Door for the AM Commute

Instead of struggling with my big bags on the driver’s side, I now open the passenger door and place my bags on the passenger seat — and then enter the driver’s side empty handed.


Part of my frustration-free morning series.

Frustration free morning - placing bags on passenger seat in car

Spot Hero

As I enter late middle age, I am now the sort of person who parks in parking garages in New York City.

Driving around for street parking is officially in my past.

I can't find a parking spot tote bag

Spot Hero allows you to book parking spaces in advance for a deep discount. Just type in your destination and all of the garages in a given radius will appear with their prices (which vary widely). You can cancel last minute, too. Last year, when I was unable to get to my spot because a street fair had closed down the block, I called the company, they answered immediately, and provided me with a refund.

Spot Hero App

Meissen Figurine?

I’m not sure, but it’s got the blue swords on the bottom. Could be a fake. I’m finding out at 4:45pm today when I meet with Dr. Lori.

Meissen figurine

In other news, I’ve opened my ebay store, Some Small Things. Come check it out!

Thanks so much for reading. What were your favorite small things this fall?

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  1. Can’t say I know the smell of a Gatorade water cooler, but I know the phenomenon of coming across a “smell memory.” It happens to me sometimes in random places. I’ll be like, “It smells like Jamaica.” I’m referring to a beachy smell I remember from a childhood vacation there. Congrats on the Ebay store!

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