Favorite Small Things: (May 2023)

Favorite small things: May 2023. Words only where necessary.

A Metal Straw

Have you tried these? The sensation is exhilarating. They make a cold drink even colder.

A Metal Straw

A Yellow Beak

A Fiery Sun

A Pair of Flower Earrings

Love this designer who makes new pieces from vintage jewelry.

A Pair of Pink Flower Earrings

A Yoga Session with Goats

Totes Goat Yoga. That’s me snuggling with a goat. I couldn’t really pay attention to the yoga because I just wanted to play with the goats. Unfortunately, a goat didn’t jump on my back.

Sound on.

A Bath for an Air Plant

The Botanical Garden told us to mist him, but really what he needed was a weekly bath. A half-hour weekly soak in a tub has multiplied his leaves in just a few weeks. Just be sure not to submerge his roots and to fully dry him off with a paper towel before placing him back in his pot.

A Hot Pink Juicy Sweatsuit

Yes, I’m more than middle age. Yes, this has Juicy written on the posterior. Yes, I wear both top and bottom together. Yes, I go out in public wearing it. And yes, it’s a crop top. And yes, this does make me feel great, thank you.

A Music Box

I drove one hour to pick up this Thorens piano music box after winning it for $6 at auction. When I got it into the car, I opened it, and it’s music was so peaceful, so slow, maybe a little slower than it was 80 years ago, and it transported me to somewhere not here. It sold in three days, and even though it was my most profitable flip so far, it hurt a little to let her go.

That’s all for May, and that marks one year since I’ve been noting favorite small things.

What small thing did you treasure in May?

Say some things.

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  1. I love my metal straw. I carry it in my purse. The trick is to remember to tell the server not to provide a straw BEFORE they bring out the drink. I’m getting better at that, but I’ve had a few fails, too.
    Small thing in May for me? A bunch of daffodils that I planted last fall came up in May (or was it April??).

    1. Love the idea of bringing one with you. I did wonder how clean these can get? Definitely a good idea.

      Love the reward of the daffodils. I hope to have a house someday so I can do some planting (but without seeing any bugs I hope).

      1. The husband put one in my Christmas stocking. It has it’s own cloth carrying bag and a super narrow brush (like a mini bottle brush) to clean out the inside. I love it!

  2. I’m a big fan of avoiding all things plastic, so a metal or glass straw at home is a must for me. I don’t use straws often truthfully, but I have metal and glass whenever I decide to use one.

    I have never done goat yoga, but it has always intrigued me. What a blast. I would likely be laughing the entire time. Good core workout I suppose.

    Im obsessed with you wearing that Juicy track suit. I remember when those first came out and they were ALL THE RAGE!! A true sign of a confident woman wearing that outfit.

    What a beautiful music box. I find the flipping aspect of things like this to be so fascinating.

    My May was a bit stressful, my cat got sick and I was riding the anxious bus for a couple weeks. He is doing better and I’m hopeful that after all the changes I have made for him he will be even healthier than he was before! With that said, I treasured all the extra time we spent together. I can get so caught up in the go go go of life that I forget to savor the moments with my favorite little guy.

    1. Oh my goodness. So sorry to hear your little guy was sick, but so glad he’s doing better! Just the same with me. My 17 year old sweet cat got sick last week too. It was horrible. Horrible. But he, too, his doing better now. Fingers crossed for both of our guys.

      I had the original juicy suit in the early 2000s. Wore it until it had holes. 🙂

      Thank you so much for reading and your lovely comments. Talk soon. 🙂

      1. Sending hugs to your 17yr old baby!! That’s amazing to hear he is 17. My boy just turned 15, and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t give me another few years. My cat who died in 2017 was just shy of 20!

Say some things.