Favorite Small Things: June 2023

June was busy. A three-week program at work left little time for anything else; then I ended the month with a surgery.

Here’s what I managed to see. Words only where helpful.

A Tiny Door

A red tiny door on a tree in Dobbs Ferry, New York

On one of my walks along the Aqueduct Trail, I came across this small door affixed to a fence. Not pictured here is the QR code beside it, which resulted in a little less magic. Nonetheless, a sweet find.

When I scanned the code, I learned that a local “miniatures” company had placed the door along with a few others scattered throughout Dobbs Ferry in celebration of the “Tiny Doors Movement.” Magic back.

A Paper Towel Industry Disrupter

Viva Papertowels

I find this product utterly revolutionary. A luxe paper towel that feels more like a cloth, the sheets are absorbent, compact, and feel like something special.

A new way to paper towel.

A Leaf Hanging from a Thread

An App that Pays You to Walk

The app is called Cashwalk (<– affiliate link), and I waited to earn my Amazon card before writing about it here. Two thousand “coins” gets you a $5 gift card from major retailers (your choice), and you can earn up to 100 coins per day from just taking steps. 100 coins = 10,000 steps, but partial credit is, of course, awarded.

There are other, irritating ways to earn coins on the site (namely watching ads for games — one such ad oddly narrated by Suits star Patrick Adams from an old kitchen), but I mostly ignore those and just walk.

That’s ten dollars per month for the steps I would have taken otherwise. If you sign up using my link above, both you and I will get a 100-coin bonus. Thank you. 🙂

A Well Defined Rainbow

Well defined rainbow

A Tree with Orange Flowers

Cantua Buxifolia Tree in New York

This blew my mind.

From what I can tell, this is a Cantua Buxifolia tree that is native to Peru and also known as the Peruvian Magic Tree. I can’t believe I saw one in Hastings-on-Hudson.

Here are its flowers on the tree:

Cantua Buxifolia flowers on tree in New York

On the ground:

Cantua Buxifolia orange flowers on ground in New York

And as offered to a stone squirrel (it wasn’t me):

Orange flower offered to a stone squirrel

Thank you so much for reading! What did you see in June?

Say some things.

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Happy July to all!

  1. I love the tiny door! Early in the pandemic, someone painted dozens of rocks and tiny doors and placed them along the walking trails that run through our neighbourhood. It was wonderful. They really lifted our spirits and made us smile during our walks.

    P.S. Love the rainbow!

  2. That APP! I love an easy way to earn money, every penny counts! The tiny door is so fun, I recently went for a walk with a similar find. It was a “fairy house” at the base of a tree with a cute door and gnome out front.

    1. Yes! That’s apparently in line with the tiny doors movement — started with fairy doors.

      I love the app. I’m sure it’s tracking me, but so is every other app that isn’t paying me. So it goes. 🙂

Say some things.