Favorite Small Things (August 2022)

In celebration of Labor Day, a mostly wordless post:

Crashing a Supermarket Cart in a Controlled Environment

Sticking My Hand Outside a Moon Roof While the Car is Going

Hand Outside Moon Roof

Being the Sort of Person Who Has a Lawn Chair in the Trunk

Blue Lawn Chair

Half Popped Popcorn Kernel

Ducks in a Row

Phantom Discarded Dresser

Squishing My Feet on Artificial Grass

Looking at the Spaces Between the Leaves While Lying in a Hammock

Lying in Hammock

And a Hat Tip to What’s That Thing on the Car? — This Thing

Why is the wheel removed on the first bike? Why not just leave it like the third?

Thanks for reading! Did you see any small things this month worth noting? Do any of mine “resonate” with you? Just kidding. I don’t use the word resonate. 😉

Say some things.

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  1. If you look closely I think you’ll see that it’s actually just two bikes, both with their front wheels removed, and the middle one is just one of the front wheels. My best guess is that the other front wheel is in the car or trunk. I think it’s just the way of some roof racks to be like this. You’d need the racks farther apart to get both wheels attached with the bike intact. I know some are like that, but maybe with a smaller car they needed a rack that had a shorter footprint?

    1. Thank you! This is a really good explanation! I have learned so much about these contraptions over the past few months. I love admiring them. Maybe someday I will have one myself!

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. Loved at the post! I thought I was the only weird person who liked half popped popcorn kernels. They just taste better for some reason!

Say some things.