Farmstand Vegetables

After breaking a lettuce leaf in half this summer, I vowed never to purchase salad bags again. The crispy, earthy taste of a whole head of lettuce — and all farmstand vegetables — is worth the extra effort of washing, peeling, and chopping, and the occasional ingesting of a bug.

Look at this perfection.

Farmstand Vegetables - Hilltop Hanover Farm Lettuce
Lettuce from Hanover Hilltop Farm

We’ve been trying out some of the local farms here in Westchester County, and many of them have a lot going on — garden parties, cider bars, playgrounds, rides, and other such fall activities. Hilltop Hanover Farm is a peaceful reprieve from the crowds. Situated about an hour north of the city, the market is understated, elegant, and safe (masks required). After shopping, you can wander the farm, perusing the rows of vegetables that never cease to surprise me when I see that they originate from the ground.

I loaded up on pea shoots (my favorite, sometimes hard to find!), microgreens, this stunning head of lettuce, french radishes, three delicata squashes, and a sampler pack of homemade maple syrup from a nearby farm. We also picked a few pumpkins and gourds to add to my growing 2021 collection. They had this little recipe card for maple-roasted squash that I tried later in the week.

Maple-Roasted Delicata Squash

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