Fahnestock State Park “Hiking”

Fahnestock State Park “hiking” lasted precisely eight minutes last weekend after we were swarmed by a colony of mosquitoes on the trail. Being new to outdoor activities, we have only recently started acquiring proper gear. Granola bars and water were our latest addition, and now we have procured some bug spray for this coming weekend.

Clarence Fahnestock Park is next to Hudson Highlands State Park, the location of Breakneck Ridge, a trail popular with hiking enthusiasts and tourists. I found Hudson Highlands to be overly crowded, and the name Breakneck Ridge suggests that it’s not likely a good match for my skill. Nonetheless, the views of the Hudson are thrilling, and the little trail along the river is absolutely worthwhile.

Hudson Highlands State Park

Upon exiting the forest with chills from the bites, we walked along the park road until we reached Glynwood farm. The dirt road winds around to a herd of cattle, and I recalled my days in Ireland, speaking to the sheeps in my elementary Irish as I walked home from Irish language school. I’m still skittish around farm animals and went running when one of the small cows jumped a little.

And then, we came upon this view. I felt compelled to mark the occasion with a silly pose.

Fahnestock State Park
Fahnestock State Park

To end the evening, we battled three mosquitoes who got back in the car with us and then scratched our bug bites all the way home.

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