Countryside Sounds

When I was little, I got to sleep in my cousin’s old room when we visited my mom’s family in the countryside.

Even today, the room calls to mind an excitement akin to my first pair of velcro sneakers.

For one, there was an intricate doll house that I stared and stared at. When I finally got tired, I retreated to the bed against the window. Then I started listening.

Spaced out in ten-minute intervals (although I can’t possibly remember that with any illusion of accuracy), a car would pass by, driving fast along a road that sounded gravelly. The sound would accelerate in and decelerate out. My mom would call it “driving right along.”

I loved it.

In my little apartment in my village now, I can hear the cars pass by the window from my bathroom.

Countryside Sounds (admittedly recorded from the street because it was very hard to capture indoors)

From my bedroom this evening, the cicadas are here.

Countryside Sounds (recorded from my bedroom)

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