Best Scented Laundry Detergent

I could barely contain my excitement this morning as I prepped our bags for the laundry room. I was convinced that I had finally identified the best scented laundry detergent.

There, sitting unassumingly on the Wegmans shelf last evening, was a scent I had not yet tried: Wegmans Island Mist.

I am a laundry detergent enthusiast. I have whiffed and sampled tons of product on the market. When my past favorite, Method’s Key Lime + Coconut was discontinued, I wrote to the company to have them verify it was true. They confirmed with some sad $1 coupons for my trouble.

During early quarantine, I had high hopes for then newly released Coconut + Cactus Water, Method’s unfortunate follow-up. It may have been the fact that I was washing my clothing in the bathtub, but the product was no substitute for my beloved scent.

Mountain Air comes just at the right time. I’ve been itching for something new. Tide — too corporate. Oxi — too chemically scented. Method — ultimately, too “plant-powered.*” Ecos — too lavendary. And the list goes on.

But Wegmans Island Mist paired with Mountain Air dryer sheets hits all the right notes. Perfumey without being chemically. Free of dyes without being “plant-based.” And they’ve made our room smell like a sensation of non-lexical vocals.

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*Just a quick word about “plant-powered.” If it were true, I would love “plant-powered”! But, sometimes companies say this but don’t mean it. See this laundry detergent safety ratings list for more than a few examples.

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