An Interactive Caterpillar

A few weeks back, a caterpillar and I met on the trail behind my house. Watch him wiggle:

As I swerved to avoid him, he came to a halt. I was terribly afraid of these creatures as a child, but in the moment, he looked so fuzzy-wuzzy that I bent down a bit to see him up close. He was still scared of me, so I backed away, and just as I did, he resumed his wiggly little walk — right in the middle of the trail.

I spotted some bicycles a few seconds away, so I blocked the trail and tried to convince him to shift horizontally so as to cross the path quicker. Eventually, he acquiesced, and the bicycles whizzed past us on the other side as he reached the divider safely.

Then, we both went about our days.

Here’s another bug story, but it’s longer. And here’s a small bit about the OCA Trailway.

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