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Some Small Things is a compilation of stories. It’s also a companion to my vintage and everything store by the same name.

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I started the blog during isolation to document the wonder I came to see in the everyday ordinary. As my world grew smaller, there was extraordinary in the commonplace — a wave hello on the trail, a boat in the river, dinner in the grocery store parking lot, things hanging from cars.

I cherished the calm from working at home and the lack of pressure to travel, do, and go. I learned geocaching and cooked a lot. I watched my succulents grow big stems.

A perfect black plum

When the world became big again, I had to work to see small. The flashy was back. We were indoors once more. At work, restaurants, stores, visiting friends. Traveling. So many distractions.

Chennai Traffic

But I’ve tried to maintain the small even though it’s all back to the way it was.

Geocaching led me to indoor treasure hunting, and I fell in love with it–the history, nostalgia, and the utility in picking, recycling, and selling a find. I adore packing my items in their boxes and writing my thank you notes, then affixing my Some Small Things stickers and walking to the post office.

Although I still write stories from time to time, I now mainly document my favorite finds each month, from items in my store to apps that save you money. I long for the simpler time, as I knew I would. But so it goes.

About Me

I’m Suzanne. Hi. 🙂

I live in a small river town just above NYC. It’s crazy beautiful. That’s the view out my window.

About Some Small Things - Dobbs Ferry View

In addition to hunting for treasures, I love tuxedo cats, fascinator hats, cake slices, reading about quantum mechanics, getting lost in details, enumerating, doing laundry, making spreadsheets, saving money, clicking noises, geocaching, and lately, admiring objects atop or affixed to cars.

Here are some of my stories:

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An Interactive Caterpillar

Here on the blog, I mention a lot of deals, apps, and ways to save and earn money. Here are a few:

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Some Small Meaningful Gifts

Unique Gifts for Father’s Day

Click here for an evolving list of links to my favorite apps, deals, products and services.

Finally, from time to time, I also write about grammar. Here are a few posts:

Rules for Apostrophes

Rules of the Semicolon

Of or Have?

Thank you so much for stopping by Some Small Things. I hope you’ll find something useful here.

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