Do you long for simpler, more meaningful days?

I do.

Noticing small things makes me happy. It also makes me calm.



And, (of course), it’s not just me.

This recent study at Harvard Business School highlighted the significance of recalling everyday moments as opposed to extraordinary ones.

And the act of noticing may make us better writers.

Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary - pod on grass
Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary – a seed pod at John Jay Homestead

Some Small Things is a bite-sized blog about seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. There are no metaphors or symbolism. Just small stories about small things.

As for me, I’m Suzanne. Hi. 🙂

I live in New York in a small river town just above NYC. It’s crazy beautiful. That’s the view out my window.

Dobbs Ferry View

In addition to getting lost in details, I love tuxedo cats, fascinator hats, cake slices, reading about quantum mechanics, enumerating, doing laundry, making spreadsheets, saving money, clicking noises, admiring objects atop or affixed to cars, and lately, searching for treasures.

Here are some of my posts:

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From time to time, I also write small posts about grammar. Here are a few:

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Of or Have?

If you’re seeking simpler, calmer, happier, it might be in the small.

Thank you for stopping by. I am so grateful.

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