Walking in Mud

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Walking in Mud

Fahnestock State Park

Fahnestock State Park “Hiking”

Fahnestock State Park “hiking” lasted precisely eight minutes last weekend after we were swarmed by a colony of mosquitoes on the trail. Being new to outdoor activities, we have only recently started acquiring proper gear. Granola bars and water were our latest addition, and now we have collected some bug spray for this coming weekend.

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Fruit on the Wall - how to hang baskets on wall

Hanging Fruit on the Wall

Finally, I have something to show for my time watching Tiny House Hunting — I’ve learned how to hang fruit on the wall. Inspired by the designers’ efficient use of space, I took to our kitchen on a mission to clear the surfaces. After a long search, I came across these wall baskets at Wayfair.

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Dirt Road Dust in Croton

Dirt Road Dust

Remember the scene in the 1987 film Dirty Dancing when Johnny drives off from Kellerman’s, and Baby stands in the wake of the dirt road dust? I finally had my opportunity the other day in Croton, after sliding down the side of a little hill, hands in the dirt to steady me. Fortunately, I was

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